Cell Phones and Photography

Cell phones have changed so much since their introduction into the mainstream. I remember my parents first cell phone was a huge brick. The battery got hot when you’d talk on it. It had a large antenna, and wasn’t easy to fit into a pocket. The minutes available were short, texting didn’t really exist & they had no cameras.

But gone are the days of the mega brick phones, texting by the number pad & worrying about your coverage area. Phones are mainstream now & have advanced immensely in my lifetime. Now, there’s enormous variety in the cell phone industry. Literally hundreds of options to choose from. And if you include just a few older year models, the number of phones grows even larger.

Today, cell phones come with all the bells & whistles. Each having the same basic functionality, with slight differences. But the one thing that I look for is a great camera.

As a photographer, you try to have your good camera with you at all times, just in case an amazing moment happens. But, let’s be honest, it’s not realistic. At least not for me! Having 2 kids, carrying what they need, and keeping track of them makes toting around a big camera bag impossible at times. So, I rely on my phone sometimes for capturing my stories.

It’s ok! Shoot with that iPhone or Droid! You’re allowed! You don’t always need fancy!

When I started my journey as a photographer, I realized that I could capture amazing stories & moments just using the device I have with me anyway.

iPhone 7 Plus, one of my first ever photos I was truly impressed by! Unedited, as shot. Yes, this could be enhanced, but wanted to demonstrate the camera capabilities!

I started my career using my DSLR Nikon & my iPhone 7plus! Many a photo I have taken with both, and both have yielded amazing results.

Like Top Gun: Maverick says, “Sometimes it comes down to the pilot in the box.” In this analogy, sometimes the greatness of your photos come from the person behind the lens. The camera is the easy part. The technology is killer on most modern models. So worry less about that and focus on what your eyes are, and worry about what you see thru the lens. You’ll create happier photos!

We all have phones of choice, right? We mostly all have awesome cameras now, right? You can use that awesome camera & be the great one behind the lens!

So—YESSSSS, great quality photos can be taken with an iPhone or android phone! The newer models with advanced camera features and amazing processing capabilities make things easy for everyone. Features, such as dual cameras, optical image stabilization, and advanced processing capabilities allow for high-quality images—these are the keys to becoming a great story teller!

And for you fellow Apple geeks, the preordering for the new iPhone 15 starts on the 15th of this month. Its impressive list of new camera gear includes a 48MP Main camera, 2x telephoto, more details in the portrait modes, more ways to manipulate your photos, and so much more. No, I'm not saying to run out and spent the rent money, the phone you have is probably perfect. But get excited because things are just getting better with the camera in your pocket.

Most new generation cell phone models have an interface that is user-friendly, making it easy to adjust camera settings and capture images quickly and efficiently. On my iPhone 13pro, I can shoot in RAW, and have way more control over my photos.

Phones like my iPhone 13 Pro have built-in editing tools that allow for adjustments to exposure, color, and other elements to enhance the image’s overall quality. But it doesn’t stop there! With the dawn of the apps companies make, access to third-party apps can further enhance the camera’s capabilities—like Camera+, can turn your phone’s camera into a crazy DSLR-like device! That includes capabilities including manual control options, editing tools, and filters. Plus, there’s so many editing tools available too, even my favorites Lightroom, Snapseed, TouchRetouch and more that can take your photos to the next levels!

Your iPhone or Android can be a great tool for photography. But—it’s still important to learn and practice the fundamentals of photography to create truly exceptional images.

So, pick up your phone & get out there and start shooting the world around you!

My 10 year old daughter captured me in the UK, 2022